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Digital VCard

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The Digital VCard

Digital VCard

Digital Resume

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About Us

Hello! We’re The Digital VCard (A Product of Wadhwani Enterprises).

8 billion of cards are printed each year end up in the bin within a week, which is a great loss and a fact to ponder upon.

The point of using an e-business card is to create a single, simple, shareable file with all your contact details, that will help your business to stand out in the market and build long lasting impression on your clients . The Digital V-card is product of W.Enterprises, which provides with a consolidated platform of virtual identity, leads generation and improve customer experience of your business. Web-based digital identity can help you maximize your online networking and generate opportunities to be found online.

Why you require Digital Identity?
  1. A digital business card is ubiquitous in nature. One can never run out of your personal business card, while you are carrying your smart phone.
  2. The virtual business card provides a prospect for RIGHT INFORMATION >RIGHT PEOPLE>RIGHT TIME.
  3. E-Business cards can be easily shared, stored and can be searched on a single platform, unlike the paper cards which are generally found in dustbins.
  4. By going digital, we are contributing towards an Eco-friendly environment.
  5. The Web -based business cards are much more impact and cost effective than paper business cards in terms of looking for a company’s profile over the web, rather than going out and collecting their business cards.
  6. It is simpler to find people digitally unlike to meet them otherwise.
Our Products

1. V-CARD:

The digital visiting cards can be used in place of a website or a paper business card to share your personal and business contact details.

VCard Example :  JM Traders (



If you want to get ahead of the competition, be creative and showcase your digital talents, many job-seekers are opting to go digital with their resumes or CV’s.

Resume Example : Sunny Wadhwani (



A platform to provide you with your bio-data digitally which can be accessed anywhere anytime and can be updated accordingly .

Amazing Features
Picture Gallery

Your visiting card can easily embeds an amazing gallery of pictures to represent your business, service, bio data or resume. Make sure you are transforming the way people look at your digital identity. A group of 7-10 pictures look amazing in our digital identity.

Sharing is Caring

You can easily share your Digital Identity with any of your colleagues across every platform. Just tap the share button in your browser and voila you can share your digital identity.

Web & Social Media

You can insert hyperlink to all of your social media presence and even your websites. Make it easier for people to navigate through your web presence. You can also add any custom link or button you wish to.

Call Button/E-Mail Button/Whatsapp Button

With just a single click on call or e-mail or whatsapp people can reach to you. Digital Identity has made it easier for people to transform the way we live and interact with devices.

Full Customization

Your Digital Identity can be customized fully with the needs you desire. You can also have payment button, blog or anything you desire.

Security - Secure Socket Layer (SSL - HTTPS)

The website is protected by Go-Daddy Verified and Secured Certificate having "Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure" giving you smooth, safe and secure experience.

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